Rebotou, Auto comment and Auto like bot on TikTok

Rebotou helps you get more followers and likes,
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Growing Communities

Fan groups, interest clubs, offline activities, etc. Use Rebotou to automatically publish recruitment information and event invitations through precise keyword search, helping you to precisely reach people with common hobbies and achieve true one-call response.

Growing Communities

Get More Sales Leads

Online stores, offline merchants, etc. extract keywords based on product attributes and use Rebout's precise search to automatically publish new product information to find highly relevant potential consumers, helping you save time and make more money.

Get More Sales Leads

Fashion Trends

Product design, user interest research, etc. Use Rebotou to automatically collect video title content through precise keywords, analyze the content of user hot concerns and discussions, and help you design and build products that meet user interests.

Fashion Trends

Use Cases


Loose Subscription

We offer a 14-day free trial and you can cancel your subscription at any time afterwards.

Auto Comment

Can't find leads or followers? Use the Rebotou's automated commenting feature to help you quickly get a conversation with your target users.

Support Workflow

Low follower engagement? Use the Rebotou's job scheduling feature to combine multiple interaction methods to achieve the best interaction.

Complete Data Privacy

When you use Rebotou as your smart bot, you’ll be pleased to know that all data is processed on your local computer. Protect yourself from prying eyes.

Team Work

The Rebotou supports importing and exporting task configurations to take team collaboration to the next level.

Bot, Like a Human

Rebotou is a bot, but like a human. It makes random delays between every action and tries to be more like a human. Be nice and not to overwhelm the TikTok server.

Everything on Computer

Tried of doing all the TikTok stuffs on your mobile phone? Now you have a better choice. With Rebotou, you can deal with them on your computer efficiently.

And More

This is just the beginning. We are still working hard to build more features into Rebotou. And hopefully it will let you spend less time and make more money on TikTok.