UPDATED TO 2.0.35 ON Thu Nov 23 2023
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Thu Nov 23 2023
Rebotou 2.0.35

🚀 Rebotou 2.0.35 Released with Exciting AutoLike Feature!

AutoLike Feature Overview:

The AutoLike feature has been designed to help you manage your activities more efficiently, saving you valuable time and increasing your traffic and revenue. Now, you can easily set up your preferred rules and preferences, allowing Rebotou to automatically like comments in video list, enabling you to focus on more critical tasks.

Other Highlights of Rebotou 2.0.35:

  • Smoother User Experience: We've been working tirelessly to enhance the user experience, making your journey with Rebotou even more seamless. From faster loading times to a more intuitive interface, we are confident you'll love this update.

  • Performance Optimization: We've made some backend optimizations to ensure that Rebotou maintains exceptional performance in various scenarios.

Mon Oct 30 2023
Rebotou 2.0.32
  • Fixed bugs.
  • We've added support for mobile views, so now you can access TikTok as a mobile view in your browser through Rebotou.
Fri Oct 13 2023
Rebotou 2.0.28
  • We've supported fetching video listings from the "ForYou" page, so now you can automatically post comments from the video listings on the ForYou page.
Mon Oct 09 2023
Rebotou 2.0.27
  • We've added the "Exclude already commented" feature, which can be utilized to avoid duplicate comments.