Rebotou is a growth hacking tool that helps you acquire customers, run a community, and discover fashion trends on TikTok by using its automated commenting and analytics features.

1. Never Abuse Rebotou

Rule number one, NEVER ABUSE REBOTOU!

Never send mass comments to spam other TikTok users! Don't auto-comment too fast or too frequently. Don't use the Rebotou Bot too aggressively. Stay low key and get rich!

2. Install Extension

If you didn't install it yet and would like to, just head over to this Chrome Web Store, hit the Add to Chrome button and you are all set (Chrome is the name of your browser, if you use another browser it may be another name, e.g. Brave, Edge).

3. Pin Extension

To make it easier to use Rebotou, we recommend you pin it to your chrome toolbar (see the following screenshot).

Pin extension

4. Login to TikTok

Run your browser and visit the TikTok website to make sure you are logged in.

5. Open Rebotou App

Click the Rebotou icon in browser toolbar (see the following screenshot).

Open Rebotou App

6. Enjoy Your Growth

Congratulations on successfully running Rebotou, next you can create tasks to start your growth path.