How online and offline stores are using TikTok marketing to increase sales.

Mon Jan 10 2022 by Andy

TikTok attracts a lot of attention with its rich video content that engrosses people. the reason for TikTok's rapid growth is that it takes advantage of people's personalized preferences and it always pushes the same type of video content according to someone's preferences. As a result, users who watch the same video all share certain characteristics, at least as reflected in the data on the Internet.

For sales, our primary goal is to increase the sales of our stores. We need to consider how to convert the attention of TikTok users into traffic to our stores and ultimately into sales.

Now, we will discuss how to increase store sales through TikTok marketing.

1. Define the marketing content

The first step in marketing is that we need to figure out what message we want to convey to our customers, which can generally be divided into the following categories.

2. Making TikTok videos

You can make a video of your marketing message in any format. A video that is more likely to be viewed by users contains the following key elements for success.

After making the video, the next step is to choose the right time to publish it. According to statistics, users are generally more active on their way to and from work or after meals.

3. Interact with a large number of TikTok users

After the video is posted, most people will wait for users to watch it. But unfortunately, if you don't have a wide social network, your video may not be favored by the platform and won't get a lot of exposure. At this point, we can take advantage of the platform's rules to get more exposure for our message. We can interact with other users by commenting and liking under popular videos to get more users to watch the videos we post. When our account is more active, the more traffic weight the platform gives us, and your videos can get more users to watch.

4. How to improve the efficiency of user interaction?

If we want to get more user interaction, we need to go in different videos to constantly comment or like the behavior of the user, that there is no better way of efficiency?

Here we have to talk about auto-comment and auto-like through tools. By auto-comment, it can help us save time and reach more people with the information we need to post. We do not recommend using the direct purchase of followers and likes, it does help you get more followers and likes in a short time, but these are almost always bot accounts and have no commercial value. Remember that our ultimate goal is to convert user attention into merchandise purchases.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind to get more exposure through auto-comment through tools.

  1. First, we need to use hashtag or search keywords to filter out groups with high relevance.
  2. Do not mechanically send a large number of comments repeatedly, which will be banned by TikTok.

To solve these two problems effectively, we developed Rebotou, which does not require TikTok's password and provides a multi-collaboration mode that can be used with multiple accounts for best results.